Dentures/False Teeth/Removable

Cost-Effective way to replace missing teeth…

Replaces 1 tooth till up to 16 teeth!!!

From R1400 to R4500


We do all kinds of dentures (top and bottom). We now offer flexible dentures as well which allow the hooks to blend in with the gums, preventing that ‘metal smile’.
What is a Denture and what does it do?
A denture is a removable appliance that replaces missing teeth and surrounding structures.When teeth are extracted, it leaves an empty space. It is very important to fill these spaces to prevent any further loss of adjacent teeth,support the cheeks and lips and thereby prevent any sagging of the mouth.

The maintenance of a denture

The denture must be cleaned using a soft brush and placed in a Steradent solution.
Do not sleep with dentures as it could lead to the development of a fungal infection called Denture Stomatitis. Go for a check up every 4-5 years as dentures needs to be replaced due to changes that occur in the bone levels over this period of time.

Our Services
We do all kinds of dentures whether it be full or partial. Full dentures are made out of acrylic which is plastic whereas partial dentures can be made in acrylic or metal. We also do flexible dentures which we especially offer to patients who have an acrylic allergy.

Consultation is needed in order to assess how many teeth need to be replaced. This will then determine the price.

We do plastic ( acrylic) DENTURES only

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